Who are we and what do we do?

Decsoft Group is one of the fastest growing IT solution provider in Cameroon. Since our founding in 2016, Decsoft has continually innovated new ways to deliver on our mission: to empower people to fully harness the web. Based Douala, Cameroon we provide comprehensive tools to thousands of users so anyone, novice or pro, can get on the web and thrive with our unique and affordable services.

Our philosophy being "complete customer satisfaction" which makes us a people oriented company, wherein we work person-to-person and not business-to-Business. We provide professional software solutions, web hosting, web & mobile app development.

In-house Monitoring

Our team of experts constantly monitoring our systems for a 99.9% uptime.

Decsoft Data Center

Now that you know who we are, let's find out what we can do together!

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Our Values

Our mission is to provide our clients with peace of mind by exceeding their expectations in every interaction in order to earn their trust and become a valued and appreciated extension of their team. We are building a dynamic and continuously improving organization founded on integrity and the superior delivery of services. We empower our clients to focus on their core business, enhancing and accelerating their success. We know that exceeding expectations in every interaction depends on mutual respect and communication. We carry this out by providing our team with a challenging opportunity to contribute, learn, and grow while maintaining a healthy work-life harmony.


The honesty with which we conduct ourselves. Integrity is the foundation upon which all other values are built. Our interactions with each other, clients, and vendors are based on the highest sense of ethical behavior. Integrity can be described as “what you do when no one else is watching.”


Our clients, vendors, partners, and employees know that our word is good, we honor our commitments, and we can be depended upon. Our clients entrust us with their networks, employees trust us with their futures, and the company trusts employees to make the best use of their time. Trust is the framework of our business.


We operate in a dynamic and changing environment. We actively seek opportunities in all aspects of our business and execute our mission vigorously.


Our efforts must be coordinated and synchronized in order to have optimal results with minimal friction. Our servant leadership model encourages leaders to master the art of communicating effectively. Leaders must listen, support and enable their teams while setting the highest standard for conduct and performance. Leaders must be unwavering in their expectations for excellence.


Our conduct, knowledge and bearing identify us as experts in the field of information technology. Our reputation is earned every day by the way we go about our duties. Our professionalism should be evident in our interactions with clients, internal staff, and vendors.


When you store your IT infrastructure in our data center, it’s protected by advanced physical security systems and protocols. These include multi-layered access system based on proximity cards, biometric readers and man traps combined with an advanced digital CCTV network and 24×7 on-site staff.